It starts by identifying what your event’s needs and wants are. Once we chat about your venue space, dates, and the events purpose we provide a three-bid option menu for you to choose from, which is often predetermined by budget.

  • Option#1: “Needs” to deliver the essentials for a successful event.
  • Option #2: “Wants” to elevate your event with a little extra.
  • Option #3: Bonus advance technology or set-piece enhancements.


We believe the pre-event stage is where a production’s success is determined, and what sets us apart from a standard A/V company. We communicate with the venue to prepare logistics for your event’s load-in, setup, show day, and load-out. Any additional costs from the venue are communicated back to you so you’re aware of fees beyone what we’ve proposed. These additional fees can include, but are not limited to: union labor, electric charges, room, and staging charges. Next we’ll select a crew and design floor plans. We also use this time to prepare production timelines for presentation content, que sheets, and the run-of-show.


After we’ve worked with the venue to coordinate the load-in, and setup, we’ll be prepared to kick-off your event no later than one hour before doors open. We always recommend a rehearsal period to acclimate our crew and individuals taking the stage with the flow of the show and more technical things like microphones, lights, and confidence monitors. We can accommodate rehearsals any time before the event as time, and labor, allow. Before we go live, our crew takes one more pass to inspect the space to ensure cables are neatly organized, curtains are straight, and that we’re ready for show time. Once doors open, we move into our show timeline until we’ve completed and the audience has cleared.


Once the event completes, and the audience has cleared the room, we’ll immediately start breaking down the event and preparing to load the gear out of the venue space and return it just as we found it.


Once the event has wrapped, we’ll conduct a post-conference retrospective with your team and ours to see what worked well and what could have been done better. Post-con meetings are crucial in building our relationship for future events, and bettering the overall service focus of 25/8.



We’re ready to dedicate ourselves to your next event. 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. No, we can’t manipulate time, but we can do whatever it takes, and with a great attitude, to make sure you achieve success.